5 Ways to Maintain Compliance in the Cannabis Industry Leveraging Technology


Sara Silver
Director of Horticulture

Sara Silver leads Velosio's cannabis projects, driving sales and fostering client relationships. With 8+ years in the cannabis industry and 30 years of ERP expertise, she consults marketing, sales, and product teams to ensure successful project delivery at SilverLeaf. 

Jennifer Phoenix
Practice Director

With extensive experience since 2002, Jennifer is a dedicated Practice Director at Velosio. Leading a team at SilverLeaf, she ensures exceptional client experiences during implementation and ongoing ERP usage. Jennifer prioritizes client relationships and acts as a true partner in their success. 

Meet The Presenters

Wednesday, September 27TH  12:00 PM - 12:45 PM ET

For cannabis operators, maintaining compliance is always top of mind. Although, it can be hard to maintain regulatory compliance while trying to manage other aspects of the business at the same time.  

Join our cannabis industry veterans, and technology experts, Sara Silver and Jennifer Phoenix for a webinar where they’ll highlight the 5 ways cannabis operators can optimize compliance processes using technology.

Join us to discover how technology can help streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

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Auditable Financials: Accurately capture, maintain, and report financial and operational data to ensure compliance and provide transparency for regulatory audits.

What You'll Learn by Watching This Webinar

Quality Management Program: Explore how to implement a robust quality management program that allows you to record, track, and trace quality and yield measurement attributes.


Deep Integration Capabilities: Learn how to integrate directly with state compliance systems such as Metrc.

Flexible Workflows and Operational Controls: Discover how to define, track, and adjust workflows to ensure consistency while adapting to changing regulatory demands.

Product Traceability: Understand the importance of tracking raw material usage through to finished goods.